Sangeo Of Music Policy

Sangeo of Music places importance on personal information of customers and complies with laws on the promotion and protection of information networks.

We collect the following personal information by dividing it into essential information for providing basic services such as membership registration, smooth customer consultation, and various services and selection information for providing customized services.

[Personal Information Items to Collect]
1) Mandatory items for members : Name, Username, Password, Email
2) Required items when using content : Name, Username, Password, Email,Cell phone number
3) Credit card information, bank account information, and payment records may be collected for payment purposes.
4) Even if you do not enter IP addresses, cookies, visit dates and times, service records, trouble records, and equipment information, there are no restrictions on the use of services, and sensitive personal information (racial, ideological and religious, political orientation, criminal records, medical information, etc.) that could lead to basic human rights violations of the user is not collected.”However, if we are forced to do so, we will make sure to go through the agreement process in advance.

[Purpose of Collection and Utilization of Personal Information]
Sangeo of Music uses your valuable personal information only for the following purposes and obtains your consent in advance if the purpose changes.

1) It is used to identify registered users and to prevent the intention of registration and unauthorized use of non-defective members.
2) It is used to provide users with various services for ‘Sangeo of music’, handle their inquiries and complaints, and convey announcements.
3) It provides promised services to users, and is used for billing purposes in the event of purchase and use of paid services.
4) It can also be used to communicate and market new services and to inform you of opportunities to participate in events.

[Retention and Use Period of Personal Information]
‘Sangeo of Music’ uses the user’s personal information only for the period of service from when they sign up as members.
If the user withdraws his consent to the collection and use of personal information requested or provided by the user, or if the purpose of collection and use is achieved or the holding and use period ends, the personal information of the user is destroyed without delay.
In accordance with the provisions of the relevant laws and regulations, the member information is stored for a certain period of time as specified by the relevant laws and regulations as follows.

1) Evidence of record retention for display/advertisement : Preservation period of the law on consumer protection in e-commerce : 6 months
2) The basis for preservation of records concerning the withdrawal of contracts or subscriptions. : Preservation period of the law on consumer protection in e-commerce : 5 years
3) Grounds for keeping records on payment and supply of goods : Period for Preservation of the Act on the Protection of Consumers in Electronic Commerce, etc. : 5 years
4) Grounds for Preservation of Records on Consumer Discontent or Dispute Resolution : Period for Preservation of the Act on Consumer Protection in E-Commerce : 3 years