Music predator  Sangeo Of Music

Sangeo of Music is like a typical predator in the ocean.

It started with the idea of helping anyone in the music become a confident shark.

And if you can play the piano and get away from the unending competition and the routine for a while,

Wouldn’t you be able to make a good life? I thought carefully.

The piano instrument is difficult to learn and is blocked by the prejudice that it cannot start at a late age.

with the pressure to be good to others  

I saw a lot of people turning at the threshold of the beginning or giving up in the middle.

So Sangeo of Music aims to make everyone enjoy playing their favorite music on the piano.

To make it easy to play the piano, close to the original song, with a teacher who has actually played the piano for a long time and a team member who has had access to the piano.


Sangeo of Music will always do its best to be a friend