This is the FAQ page.

If you have any questions that cannot be solved, please contact us at

Member / Login

Can non-members use the site?

Non-members can also purchase sheet music.
However, it is only possible for the members to manage the purchased Sheet Music and write on the inquiry board.

If you buy a product as a non-member, we will send you a download link once to the email you entered at the time of payment, so please understand that if you lose the email with the link, it will be inconvenient to download the Sheet Music.
If you have lost the download link after purchasing the music sheet as a non-member, please leave a message on the [Question] and we will help you receive the Sheet Music after checking the payment details.

How can I find my Username / Password?

1. Find Username

You can also log in to the email address you entered when signing up as a member, so you can use the email as your username in the username field.
After login, you can check the initial value of "Display name" in [My Account > Account details] That is your username
* Changing "Display name" does not change the ID, so you cannot login with the changed "Display name".

1. Find Password

"Lost your password?" at the bottom of the login menu. The feature allows you to create a new password by email.
After logging in with a new password, you can change a new password through "Password Change " in [My Account > Account details]

How can I delete my account?

You can withdraw your membership through the form below (forms will only be activated when logged in)
* All members' information, sheet music purchase history, and download links will also be deleted.

Payment / Use

Where can I download the Sheet Music I paid for?

1. Email

When you purchase a sheet music, you will receive a link to download the Sheet Music via the email you entered.

2. My account

You can download music from [My Account > Downloads] on the website.
* You can check my account page after loggin.

Is there an expiration date for Sheet Music Downloads?

Download from [My Account > Downloads] for 90 days after the music purchase.
During that time, unlimited downloads are available and the expiration date can be found at [My Account > Downloads].

Can't you shipping music?

Sheet Music is only available in download.

After downloading the PDF file, you can use the contents by printing out.

I paid for the sheet music, can I get a refund?

A refund is not possible unless there is a defect in the sheet music.

Once the payment is completed, you can download the sheet music right away.
Therefore, from the time the payment is completed, the buyer is considered to have the Sheet Music.
However, if there is a problem with the sheet music file, you can exchange it with the correct Sheet Music.
Please check the performance video and Sheet Music Sample before deciding on the purchase.

Production of Sheet Music

Could you make the requested song into a Sheet Music?

In principle, all Sheet Music are produced according to internal planning.

If the song that we want to make as a Sheet Music was planned in Sangeo of Music, we can make it first.
However, if the song is not planned, you have to apply for the production after paying the commission fee through the Sheet Music production request.

I'd like to request the production of Sheet Music.

In principle, all Sheet Music are produced according to internal planning.
However, if you really need it and want it to be produced as a sheet music, you can order it at an additional charge.

The cost of custom production from 20,000 won to 60,000 won, depending on the difficulty and length of the song.

1. Sheet Music : 20,000 won

2. Sheet Music (if the difficulty of the song is difficult or long) : 30,000 won to 50,000 won.

3. Note Name Sheet Music : 30,000 won

4. Sheet Music (if the difficulty of the song is difficult or long) : 40,000 won to 60,000 won.

5. Transpose Sheet Music : 20,000 won

Applicants must pay the cost first.

For [Note Name Sheet Music] and [Transpose], only sheet music produced in [Sheet Music] can be produced.
If you would like to request the production, please contact and we will let you know the exact cost of the Sheet Music and the production process.

Sound source use

Can I use Youtube music source?

The performance video uploaded by Sangeo of Music YouTube channel is a video that is made to make it easier to understand the sheet music sold by Sangeo of Music.
(Music not produced as a sheet music is not produced as a video.)
Therefore, it is not allowed under any circumstances to use the sound source of the video. Sangeo of Music is not responsible for any disadvantages arising from the violation of the following.

1. Commercial use, re-upload, and sharing of music files are not allowed.

▶ Commercial use

- Selling sound sources extracted from Sangeo of Music

- Selling video produced using sound sources

▶ Re-upload

The act of generating revenue by displaying a video or sound source produced by Sangeo of Music as one's own creation.

▶ Sharing of music files

Unauthorized sharing of music extracted from YouTube videos without the creator's mark.

2. You can't use it for instrumental performances, etc.

▶ Instrumental

The act of using it as accompaniment for vocal covers, such as YouTube, busking, etc.

▶ Ensemble performance

The act of using piano sound sources to play guitar, violin, flute, cello, etc.

▶ Performance

The act of using sound sources for use in schools, events, presentations, weddings, etc.

3. Not available as background music for YouTube videos.

▶ Commercial / Non-commercial purpose

The act of using as background music for uploaded commercial or non-commercial videos

▶ Streaming

The act of using as background music during streaming broadcasts.